Getting Started

Getting Started

Begin your sustainability journey and learn how calculate the largest source of emissions in your organization.



Delve deep into how your organization's carbon emissions are calculated, and what it means.



Find the most frequently asked questions about carbon footprint and services for businesses in our FAQ.


What do i need to get started
Have your list of employees ready, our software requires a spreadsheet that includes your employees' emails.

Learn:  How to Create an Employee List (.csv) 🡥
How is it calculated?
Our calculation follows GHG Protocol's distance-based method. Calculated using carbon emission factors from United States Environmental Protection Agency and United Kingdom's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

How carbon emissions are calculated 🡥

Managing Campaigns

I want to see which employees have completed their analysis
You can check which employees have completed their analysis but expanding the 'Top Emitters' section on your dashboard. From there, select an entry and hit the eye icon to reveal the entrant's email.
How do I send the analysis to my employees
There are multiple ways to deploy the analysis to your employees. We highly recommend using the automated email method.

See deployment methods 🡥
I want to calculate emissions by department or location
You can calculate emissions by department or location by creating multiple campaigns.

Learn more about campaigns 🡥


How are emails sent?
Automated delivery: Emails are sent to your employees using our servers.

Manual delivery: Emails are sent using your system's email delivery system.
Is it safe to import my employee's emails
We do not store your employee's emails
I'm having trouble with scheduled emails
If the automated email delivery is not reaching your employee's inbox. It's due to your email provider blocking requests from our server. Try the manual email delivery method to ensure delivery to your employees.

Whitelist our email server 🡥
Other deployment method 🡥


I ran out of credits
Increase the campaign creation limit by upgrading your subscription plan. You will still be able to access all existing campaigns.

Subscription plans 🡥
Where can I find my billing history
You can find your billing history under the account settings.

Step 1: Click on your profile at the top navigation.
Step 2: Hit 'Account Settings'
Step 3: Hit 'Order History' on the side bar

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