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SCOP3 offers comprehensive climate and carbon accounting tools for streamlined reporting, including standardized invoices and reports.

Carbon accounting software screenshot
Carbon accounting software screenshot

Carbon Accountability is Shifting. Make Sure You Are Ready.

Companies face increasing pressure to deliver transparent environmental data. Climate Accounting must adhere to the same rigorous standards as financial accounting.

SCOP3 helps you become a leader in meeting these elevated standards within your climate strategy, ensuring compliance and transparency.

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GHG Inventories

Produce GHG report with rigorous compliance standards.

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Include GHG data in invoices for transparency.

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Climate assurance-ready data for all your needs.

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Easily handle multiple accounts or locations

Climate Accounting

SCOP3 leverages Climate Accounting, an advancement from Carbon Accounting, to proactively address climate-related risks across your supply chain. It streamlines compliance reporting through its integrated templates, making environmental reporting effortless and precise.

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GHG Breakdown

Emphasize essential factors that enable informed decision-making in the assessment of your supply chain. Pinpoint the vendors with the most significant emissions contributions to enhance your vendor selection process.

Carbon Accounting GHG Breakdown
Climate Accounting Expense Sample
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Hybrid Methodology

Transform financial data into environmental insights with our software. Ensure audit readiness with integrated GHG compliance information. Calculate GHG emissions using either spend-based or activity-based methodologies as needed.

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Product Allocation

Utilize SCOP3 to allocate emission data to your product and service lines efficiently. Seamlessly generate invoices incorporating embedded emissions information for enhanced sustainability reporting.

Climate Accounting Product Allocation
Climate Accounting Expense Page
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Certified Expertise

Integrate your data with a peace of mind.
The SCOP3 Platform is the result of years of expertise in conducting GHG Inventory audits manually. Standard Carbon Inc. holds accreditation from The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) under the ISO 14065 standard.

How do I create a GHG Inventory?

SCOP3 easily imports data and facilitates the calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Generating detailed GHG reports, simplifying environmental reporting and aiding sustainability efforts.


Import Expense Data

Transfer your CSV file from your accounting system into SCOP3 effortlessly.
How to prepare your data for ghg inventory


Calculate GHG

Provide specific information regarding your expense data.
How to calculate your ghg emissions


Generate Report

Generate your GHG Report prepared for audit compliance.
How to create your GHG Report

Time-saving software

SCOP3 simplifies emissions tracking and reporting, saving both time and money while ensuring regulatory compliance. In contrast, the conventional method of hiring a company for report preparation often takes months and comes with higher costs.

Carbon accounting software versus traditional ghg generation
Carbon accounting software versus traditional method
Carbon accounting software versus traditional ghg report

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about climate accounting
Is there a free trial available?
Absolutely, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial with us. Our dedicated team is here to expedite your onboarding process and assist you promptly.
What is the SEC Climate disclosure?
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced a proposal mandating enhanced ESG reporting, aligning climate change disclosures with financial documentation. This rule entails the compulsory disclosure of Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG data by businesses. Need a compliance plan? Let SCOP3 handle the heavy lifting, ensuring you're ready for these impending regulations!
What are Scope 3 Emissions
Scope 3 emissions encompass all indirect Greenhouse Gas emissions stemming from a company's supply chain. These emissions often constitute a substantial portion, up to 80%, of a company's carbon footprint, yet they are frequently omitted from Carbon Footprint reports due to their complexity.

Such omissions can lead to concerns of greenwashing among customers and investors. SCOP3 is committed to resolving this challenge by developing solutions to ensure precise measurement and reporting of Scope 3 emissions.
What is Climate Accounting?
Climate Accounting represents a progressive shift in carbon footprint assessment. In contrast to traditional approaches that demand specialized expertise and consume valuable time, Climate Accounting is designed for easy use by bookkeepers and accounts payable clerks. Its reports are tailored for accountants' comprehension and can even facilitate audits when needed.

Explore Insights

Explore essential insights from carbon accounting and climate disclosure experts.
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What is SB 253: Understanding Transparent Emissions Reporting

SB 253 in California enforces emissions transparency for large companies, and SCOP3 plays a crucial role in facilitating compliance.

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Latest Round Of Funding

Latest Round Of Funding

Standard Carbon Aiming For Full Product Launch Within Months

Accelerating the Carbon Economy

Accelerating the Carbon Economy

Standard Carbon wins the 2023 Startup TNT Investment Summit VII and closes the seed round.

What is the SEC's Climate Disclosure Rule?

What is the SEC's Climate Disclosure Rule?

The SEC's Climate Disclosure Rule: A Catalyst for a New Era in Corporate Sustainability

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